Tuesday, March 10, 2009

national novice debate

Hi guys, this is my reflection on national novice debate 2009

We have fun but sad to say we didnt manage to break. :(...i felt kinda dissapointed. Here is some recaps on the rounds based on my experience.

Round 1:
We have chosen the motion THW remove any race identification in Malaysia. We get the opposition.

This round we didnt win. I thought we have high possible chance to win since the gov comes out with such a weak problem of why they need to remove any race identification. They also didnt manage to show the effects of removing race identification altough we keep harping on mechanism of removing identity, societal acceptance as well as the effect of removing race identity. Perhaps, it's my fault also that I didnt manage to make clear of everything..sigh...also, the sitting are extremely weird. opposition sits at the front rows, the gov sits at the back row, and the adjud sits far away that he only can see our back...sigh...What i can say is perhaps, this is just a warm up for us since the chemistry between my teamates and i havent mixed.

Round 2:
We chose the motion THW allow abortion in the case of physical deformities. We get the goverment.

This round we won with a clear margin although we nearly get penalised. We set a very narrow case that it is unfair for the opposition. We would only allow abortion if the child would suffer without cure after they are born and will die at the age of one years old...we refer these child as those who born with an impairment - lack of brains, legs, hands, abnormal....I know it's kinda unfair for the opposition to say anything about it... Yet, our prime minister manage to set a very clear this proposal on how it will be carried out and how we are going to allow abortion. Our deputy prime minister, which the adjud says she is the best speaker for the room, managed to make lots of assumptions towards opposition side since the leader of opp have nothing to say after being attacking by us...towards the end for the opposition team, especially the opp whip, a lot of issues start to come out but didnt manage to save their team...we felt quite sorry for them because we create such an unfair case.

Round 3:
We chose the motion THBT lifestyles choices should be taken into consideration when receiving organs. We get the gov again.

This round we won with a close margin. This round is superbly crazy. One of the opponents is the african american - i assume. The opposition didnt understand what we are talking about and we cant understand theirs as well. I just manage to get some gists of what they are saying because i know some of their accent...alright, putting that aside...we create such a stupid problem by saying that we lack of organ in the country. so before deciding on which patient to give to, we will look into their lifestyles choices. we will make priority to those who have healthy lifestyle, and if there is a leftover, we will give to those who with unhealthy lifestlye. We make craps by refering lifestlyes choices to those alcholics and the organs, we refer it as liver. I am not sure why suddenly the opposition team came out with smoking which the leader of opp didnt challenge our definition of lifestyle choices and organs...lol... we keep telling them we are making priorities and we didnt ignore them. and again and again we are talking about the problems that we have - lack of organ...sigh...just kinda messy...

Round 4: Silent Round
We chose the motion THW never award a Chris Brown a Grammy. Ever. we get the gov again.

This round i think we lost although we thought we can win. Personally, i think the problem arise in gov side is that we fail to make a link on the effects of violence towards the Grammy. if the person is talented, why should we remove the award just because of a violence act. perhaps, this round is my fault - i am kinda lost in space trying to figure out how to connect this problems. The opponent keeps coming out and says they have been together again...chris brown has been forgiven by his gf...sigh...i just manage to make craps. - this round is the worst round for me, i suppose (everything was totally out, and i am back doing the samething that i used to do during training - talking only for 6minutes 30 seconds)

Round 5: Silent Round
We chose the motion THW impose carbon tax on individuals. We are the opp.

This round we won with a clear margin after consulting with the adjud. It was really scaring because the adjud is the CA. And we assume that we are in the bubble room...the first speaker and the second speaker of both teams contradict each other...however, we managed to point out our opponent's contradiction but they dont. The gov just mention the problem is the climate change, the room is so hot, the greenhouse effects - i wonder why should they need to impose tax on ppl..lol..and the gov says that they will measure the amount of releasing carbon of car and industry, then they will impose tax - i wonder what is the effects of impose tax which they didnt mention at all; will it decrease the numbers of car? numbers of industry? i managed to rebute on the point of effects of imposing tax and how it will link to decrease of cars and the most important things is the effects towards to malaysian economic system, no one buys the car and no one wants to work in industry...lol... putting that aside, our leader of opp create a bluff problem. He says that our gov themselves didnt provide any environmental friendly product - no hybrid cars, no biotech, etc...so it's the gov's fault,hence, they should not impose tax on the ppl, instead improving on the products...(which comes into help in my whip - ppl dont produce carbon, it's the product that produce carbon. Instead of putting a tax on ppl, we should blame on the car and industry itself...what a money making country.)...putting that aside again, my deputy leader of opp, she nearly contradict with the leader, but she managed to make it through at the end of it...bravo. we were real afraid that we didnt win...

Overall, i felt kinda dissapointed to let everyone down that we didnt manage to break. we cant break because speakers score, sigh...perhaps, it's my poor score for round 1 and round 4 which i didnt perform as good as the other three rounds...sorry everyone, I will try as hard as possible for the next time in improving my structure and my knowledge. If my mind is totally clueless of anything, i wont know what i am saying - perhaps all craps just like what i did in the 4th round (I have no idea who Chris Brown is and what had happened). Yet, i still feel that this is the great experience working with my teamates- if there is another chance, hopefully we can be a team again...lol...there are lots of rooms for improvement..:D...

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